Bettina Woernle

The hostess on the region

When I first travelled to the Marches at the beginning of the 1990s, I was astonished at how beautiful and yet undiscovered the region was. Still today, I am amazed by the landscape and people of the region.

There is lots to see between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountains: gentle hills, impressive mountain ranges, historic towns like the Renaissance town Urbino with its magnificent Palazzo Ducale of the Duke of Montefeltro and the birth house of Raffael.

Located 8 kilometres away from San Fiorano is the small town Cagli, with its crooked alleyways, a big piazza with restaurants and cafes, a historic theatre and many small shops. The small town Acqualagna is approximately 12 kilometres away and known as the ‘Marche’s truffle capital’. It’s 50 min to the sea and to Fano, which is, with its sandy beaches, also ideal for children.

An hour away from San Fiorano are the mountains, for example the Monte Petrano (1100m), the Monte Nerone (1500m) or the Catria massif (1700m). You can go trekking or simply enjoy the fantastic view.

On the other hand, you can simply stay in San Fiorano and do nothing - like sleep by the pool, read a book in the cypress’s shades or dine and drink a glass of tasty wine with your friends in the garden or at the long table in the chapel.

Fano by the sea

Fano can boast with many elegant shops, markets as well as countless restaurants which offer fresh fish. The Lido di Fano is for everyone who likes walking by or swimming in the sea.

Other cities in the close area

The university town of Urbino, a world heritage thanks to its architecture and cultural history. The birth house of the artist Raffael is in Urbino. Federico da Montefeltro is considered the most important ruler of the city - it was him who built the Palazzo Ducale in the 15th century. An impressive Renaissance building, it now among others hosts an important collection of Italian paintings from that time.

The famous restaurant ‘Casa Tintoria’ can be found in Urbania (approximately 35 min away) in the Via Porta Mulino 4. It has, next to its extraordinary interior design, a beautiful outside garden. The owner Donatella, together with her crew, will spoil you with exceptional local dishes.

Frontone and its Castello - about 30 min away - are particularly beautiful on a late afternoon because of the fantastic view - towards the west, you can see from the Apennine all the way to Tuscany; towards the east you can spot the sea. Moreover, surrounding the castle, the small, old town has many restaurants. These offer Crescie (also called Piadine) which can be described as salty pancakes and are freshly baked on the open fire. They are usually eaten with vegetables, ham and cheese.

The Marches’ biggest abbey, the Eremo di Fonte Avellana della Santa Croce, is located approximately 20 min away by car. It’s at the foot of the Monte Catria at an altitude of 700m. The abbey is architecturally captivating. There still live about a dozen monks. The monastery offers tours and also has a bar right next to it, which sells refreshments, coffee, cake, wine and regional specialities.

The town Pergola is located on the route between Cagli and Marotta, about half-way towards the sea, and also worth a visit. Pergola’s Fattoria Villa Ligi, a winemaker, has created more and more interesting wines over the last couple of years. You can both try and buy the wines.