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San Fiorano


Are you looking for a place, where you, your family and your friends can spend the most valuable days of the year together, without any interruptions but complete privacy? Then San Fiorano is exactly what you’re looking for! Whether you’re planning a holiday by yourself, with another person or 10 others - you’ll always have the estate completely to yourself.

San Fiorano is located on a hill at an altitude of 400m at the foot of the Apennine Mountains. The only close neighbour is a single farm approximately one kilometre away. The estate is surrounded by woodland and hilly terrain. The scenery always changes, depending on the time of the year: from April onwards and during spring, the landscape is lavishly green and the meadows full of colourful flowers;

during May and June, yellow-blossoming and sweet-smelling gorse grows across the landscape; at night, you can watch fireflies sparkling everywhere or somtimes hear a nightingale sing. Summer is mostly dry and hot. Yet the landscape is still green thanks to the surrounding woodlands, while the meadows shine golden and brown. Roses, sunflowers, figs, lavender, oleander, pleasant-smelling rosemary and other herbs now define the scenery.

During late summer, the weather is still warm and the sun still hot, while at night it cools down nicely. From October onwards, the woodlands change into a sea of colours of golden and red shades. Now is the time to sit in front of the fireplace in the evenings. During December and January, it can snow, sometimes heavily - although it usually never stays for long; thanks to the sun, which is still warm in winter, the snow melts as fast during the day as it falls down.




The Marche border Emilia Romagna in the north, Tuscany and Umbria in the west, and Abruzzo in the south. They’re still considered an insider tip for those seeking the extraordinary.

Sandy beaches, gentle hills and impressive mountain ranges merge into one another. Small, elegant towns with historic centres offer a rich cultural programme throughout the year. These include Fano by the sea and the Renaissance town Urbino, which features both the magnificent Palazzo Ducale of the Duke of Monefreltro and Raffael’s birth house.


Buildings and impressions

San Fiorano is located, white and shining, on a hill at the foot of the Apennine Mountains. The place exudes enchanting tranquility.

Your view will fall upon gentle, partially wooded, rolling hills, and a number of distant homesteads. The sunrise and sunsets are often spectacularly colourful and, at night, the moon and stars can be clearly seen and appear very close. Shooting stars and fireflies compete with the stars for sparkles. The building is surrounded by a spacious, park-like garden, with cypresses, pines, a pond with water lilies, and a pool which is open from mid-May to mid-October.

Meadows and patios around the house and hills, which enclose both the pool and the pond, offer space and opportunity of retreat for all desires: playing, relaxing, reading and working. A well, privately owned by San Fiorano, provides the house and pool with water, even in hot and dry summers. A photovoltaic system at the corner of the estate provides the house with electricity. There are several sun loungers, tables, chairs and hammocks.

The central feature of the building was and remains the church. At the time, the parish, stables, magazine and servants’ rooms were simply built around the church. Today, the church is used for festivities, dining and music-making, or as a cool refuge on hot days. The monastic cells of the parish have turned into comfortable bedrooms, the stables and storerooms into both living rooms and kitchens as well as bathrooms.

extended living area
outside and church
parish and library


Rooms and facilities

The building extends over several levels. The first level of the parish is comprised of three bedrooms (one single and two double) and a bathroom. The bathroom has a shower, bidet and toilet. A second, identical bathroom can be found on the ground floor. There, you will also have direct entry into the church. On the ground floor, there is moreover a living room which features a fireplace for cool evenings.

In the living room, there is also a small library, literature on the region, board games, a satellite TV, a DVD-player, a landline telephone as well as an amplifier for mobile phones. Also on the ground floor, functioning as a transition to the second part of the house, is the so-called library. The room previously served the priest as reception and state room - today, it is another living room and, with two comfortable sofa beds, it can also be used as another bedroom.

The second part of the house has another double bedroom and bathroom. The latter has a bath tub, bidet and toilet. You will also find a second living room that has an open fireplace, a TV and a stereo system. From the living room, a staircase leads into a big kitchen. The kitchen has a gas stove, dishwasher, fridge and freezer, an espresso machine and everything else you need for cooking and enjoyable dining. A long table can accommodate at least 10 people.


Prices and Conditions

We let the house on a weekly basis, usually from Saturday to Saturday. Please contact us should you have different wishes.

from 2.100 €

Option 1
per week
for up to 6 people, approx. 190 sqm
Parish an church with 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 fireside lounge and 3 bedrooms

from 2.300 €

Option 2
per week
for up to 8 people, approx. 220 sqm
Parish an church with 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 fireside lounge and 3 bedrooms
Library with 2 studio couches

5.000 €

Option 3
per week for two apartments - the whole house
for up to 10 people, approx. 330 sqm
Parish an church with 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 fireside lounge and 3 bedrooms
Library with 2 studio couches
Second apartment with 1 kitchens, 1 bathrooms, 1 fireside lounges and 1 bedrooms


Review of our guests

Tina and Benjamin

29. July 2023
The place enchanted us again - even on the 3rd and longest visit... Thank you! Whether it's reading in the hammock, game night at the chapel, eating under the stars or yoga by the pool, San Fiorano offers a magnificent space to recharge, have fun as a group or retreat. We love the location and the light, the breeze and the silence - and would love to come back!

Uli and Judith

9. January 2022
If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in order to come back to yourself in the best company (with family and/or friends), you will find the best conditions in San Fiorano: Whether in the comfortably restored monastery with the always accessible, tastefully redesigned chapel or in the spacious, natural and lovingly tended garden - during our two-week stay we discovered again and again enchanting places to read, Talking, dreaming and playing. Here, encounters or retreats were possible at any time according to one's own needs. That was just good for EVERYONE 🙂 Fascinated by the tranquil hills and forests, we were very rarely drawn to the charming surroundings... For this reason, and also because 2 weeks of San Fiorano had a high recreational value, we will come back, unless the beautiful property is fully booked again.

Robert Schneider

11. September 2017
In absolute quiet location, schedule 15 minutes gravel road access route. The house: harmonious, well equipped, everything very neat and well maintained. The pool is fairly long for swimming, nestled in lavender fields; many scattered seats, hanging chairs - every day a treat! Comeback most likely ...

Familie Emmerich

24. Oktober 2016
San Fiorano in October, this is: Still swimming in the pool, hiking on the already snowy peaks of the area, in the afternoon an espresso in the sun with a view of the countryside, cooking in the well-equipped kitchen, Aperol in the Caffè del Commercio, dinner in La Gioconda ... In short, San Fiorano is sensationally beautiful, rarely has it been so hard for us to go back home .... Kurz, San Fiorano ist sensationell schön, selten ist es uns so schwer gefallen wieder nach Hause zu Fahren ….

Jörg Stingl

13. September 2016
Perfectly. Wonderfully renovated. Everything works fine. Landscape and ambience are extraordinarily beautiful. Wonderfully lonely and quiet. We left with a heavy heart and will come back for sure.

Benedikt C. Herforth

13. Mai 2016
Our stay in San Fiorano is one of the most haunting holiday memories. The many facets of this lovely former monastery are hard to capture: On the one hand, the sensationally restored building itself, where the beauty of the old building materials has been magnificently revived, e.g. the exposed roof structures or the old terracotta floors ... On the other hand, the sympathetic ambience of all interiors, the modern bathrooms, the perfect kitchen, which leaves nothing to be desired. Especially unforgettable for us the evening pasta on the gorgeous west terrace at sunset, swimming in the infinity pool overlooking all the way to the slopes of Urbino, reading during the midday heat in the cool of the church, hiking through the surrounding forests and hills, shopping at the weekly market in the delightful Cagli ... ... we just have to come back.

Eleonore Stephan

2. März 2016
Both in 2015 and 2014, we spent three weeks each in San Fiorano. Once with a larger circle of friends (we were at times up to 8 people), once only two and then four. San Fiorano is completely away from the hustle and bustle, beautifully embedded in the landscape. We always had the entire property exclusively for us. There are several terraces, a garden, hammocks under trees and swimming in the pool you have a fantastic view of the countryside. The house is very tastefully decorated, the kitchen is perfectly equipped, the church invites you to dine and celebrate. Everything radiates a great hospitality. If you want to break away from the idyll, you can make trips to the sea, to Urbino or Gubbio. Our friends were as excited as we were and we all want to come back.

Claudia Steiger

10. Juni 2015
Pentecost 2015 we came with 4 adults and 2 children to San Fiorano. San Firorano is a beautiful property in a secluded, quiet location - perfect for relaxing. The house is lovely furnished (very good beds) and well equipped (especially the kitchen). A big plus is also the pool of natural stone, it is very long and perfect to pull tracks. These were two wonderful weeks with very nice care by the landlady and their representation on the spot, we’ll come back, guaranteed!